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Why a website about Korea ?

Yes indeed, … there are already many websites and blogs about Korea. But since Korea changed my mind and positively affected my life in the past 20 years I was looking for a convenient way to share my knowledge and own experience with people interested in Korea.

I’ve been travelling to Korea since 1994 and my first experience to Korea was not the best one. My next trips, over 20 so far, gave me the opportunity to explore the country and to discover its unique culture and traditions. Having Korean friends and a Korean family in law,  even creates a bigger chance to fully enjoy my Korean experience.

On request of some of my friends I started “” to express what Korea does to me, how it affects me during my visits and even when I live in my home country.

In this website you can find various information about general topics supplemented with my personal view. Next to that I ‘m sharing my memories, impressions and feelings during my Korea visits in the last 20 years.

All the pictures shown in this website/blog are made by myself and are free for use (eventhough © is used in the pictures)

I hope you can enjoy Korea through K-MOOD !


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