It’s almost Buddha`s birthday !

Yeah, it’s almost Buddha’s birthday,  one of Korea’s most important holidays !
Prince Siddharta Gautama, later better known as Buddha, was born around 563 BCE in Lumbini which is now Nepal. It is celebrated on the 8th day of the fourth month (according to the lunar calendar) and this year the celebration is scheduled on Monday May 25, which means an extra day off for many Koreans.


To me, Buddha’s birthday means ‘lanterns’, lots of lanterns !

Wherever you go in Korea you can see colorful lanterns decorating streets, bridges, shops and of course temples. Weeks in advance many volunteers prepare Buddha’s birthday by hanging colorful lanterns and making pretty different shapes of light decorations.


So far I never had the chance to celebrate Buddha’s birthday in Korea. But in the past, when I visited Korea in springtime I often saw the beautiful decorated temples Jogyesa and Bongeunsa in Seoul.
This year I was looking forward to enjoy the Lotus Lantern parade in Seoul but since we moved to the south part of Korea we skipped this event .

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