Red … the color of the chili pepper

Red pepper-1

Red chili pepper or kochu (고추) is frequently used in Korean cuisine.
However the red pepper was not used in Korean food until 18th century after it was imported from Europe via Japan.

The fresh red chilies are harvested in late summer and autumn and are usually dried outside  in the sun. People drying red peppers outside their house is a common view in Korea.

Red pepper-2

Later on the seeds are removed and the dried chilies are turned into powder, called kochu garu (고추 가루) which is used in kochu jjang, (고추장) red pepper paste, and in Kimchi.

Chili pepper contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and it helps to increase your immune system. It is said that eating red chilies can prevent some types of cancer.
Because of its strong effect chili pepper belongs to the “yang” food category.

Red pepper-3

Shall I give you a hint ?
Whenever I feel like a cold is coming up I eat spicy food to boost my metabolism.  It makes me start sweating on my forehead and it gives me better feeling.

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