An Easter day at Tongdo-sa, home of Korean Buddhism


Tongdo-sa (통도사) is one of the 3 Jewel Temples of Korean Buddhism. Like Songgwang-sa and Haein-sa, the two other Jewel temples, this temple is situated in the south of Korea.

On Dale`s temple website Tongdosa is rated 10/10, worth to pay a visit we thought.
So on Easter Sunday in april 2015 we to visited this temple which is located in Yangsan, a city halfway between Ulsan and Busan.

The weather forecast did`t seem really good, cloudy all day but dry. During the car ride to Yangsan we were not only stunned by thousands of  beautiful blooming cherry trees along the road but also by the signs of the many temples around here. No wonder, since this is the birthplace of Shilla dynasty.


We parked our car at the first parking lot where we also purchased an entrance ticket.
Entrance tickets for Korean temples are always very cheap, in this case 3.000₩  per person. Yangsan residents have free acces to the temple.

We also had the option to drive through the first gate and park nearby the temple but we decided to follow  the path near the river. A sign along the path tells you that there are like 19 hermitages near Tongdo-sa.

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