Jusangjeollidae & Oedolgae

Jeju-Jusangjeollidae-1JUSANGJEOLLIDAE is located near Jungmun beach, a popular place for tourists and locals in Seogwipo, the south part of Jeju. The pillar rock formation you can see here looks like a piece of art and is really impressive ! An absolutely must see at Jeju !

The hexogonal basaltic pillars rising up from the ocean are the result of a sudden contraction of thick molten lava when it leaves the volcano and cools off very fast.

The total length of JUSANGJEOLLI cliff is about 1 km and the height of the cliffs is between 30 and 40 meters. It is the largest formation of this kind in Korea and therefore designated as a Nature wonder nr. 443.

There’ s a path made of wooden stairs so tourists can watch the cliff closely.
When the tide is high the waves can leap up to 20 meters high !

Not far from Jusangjeollidae you can also visit Oedolgae rock. This spectacular rock, 20 meters in height, was used as a filming location for the famous Korean drama “Daejanggeum”.
Many tourists visit this place to watch sunset at Bum Island, in the back of Oedolgae rock.


Look here for more pictures of Jusangjeollidae & Oedolgae rock : FLICKR/K-mood

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