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Since my oldest sister in law knows about my interest in Korean Buddhism she took us to the Moka Buddhist Museum (목아박물관) in Yeoju, Gyonggi province. We arrived here on a monday morning around 10.00 am. The parking lot was completely empty and we found out that the Museum was closed.  However I decided to make a picture from the entrance gate. At that moment the concierge came to us and after a small talk with my sister in law he invited us to take a look inside. What a nice opportunity !

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Moka Buddhist Museum is a private museum, established in 1993 by Sir Park Chan Su who goes by the pen name Moka. He is an important intangible cultural asset in the field of woodcrafts. The purpose of the museum is preserving traditional Buddhism art and traditional woodcraft techniques.

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The museum is a combination of modern architecture and traditional Buddhist culture. It contains an outdoor sculpture park, showing many famous Buddha statues, a small temple, and artificial pond.

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There’s also a very interesting indoor museum exhibiting various artifacts related to the religion such as Buddhist paintings, statues, works of calligraphy, figures of young monks, as well as amazingly detailed woodcrafts, such as the more than 4 meters long dragon hanging on the ceiling.

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Knowing that there are more than 6,000 pieces showcased at the museum, this place is definitely worth to visit.

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Look  here for more pictures of MOKA BUDDHIST MUSEUM : FLICKR.COM/K-MOOD

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