Namsan Hanok Village


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One of my favorite places to visit while I`m in Seoul is Namsan Hanok Village (남산골 한옥마을), located on the foot of Namsan mountain. The easiest way to get there is to take the subway and get off at Chungmuro station, which is only 1 stop further than Myong-Dong station.
From there it’s only a 100 meters walk to  Namsan Hanok Village.

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If you don’t have the time or opportunity to travel all over Korea to see houses from Joseon dynasty then Namsan Hanok Village is a good alternative. A this place you can enjoy the beautiful architecture from Joseon Dynasty and on holidays you can even attend the special ceremonies here.

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The traditional houses are nicely decorated from clothing to full rooms furnished with period furniture.  One of my favorite sceneries to take pictures is the yard with all the hangari (항아리) or brown earthen pots to store kimchi (김치) and doenjjang (된장), soybean paste.

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At nighttime it is even more worth to pay a visit since all the cheongsacheorong (청사처렁), the red and blue colored lamps will lighten up the beautiful buildings. If you have more time maybe you can explore Seoul N Tower and get a nice night view over the Seoul metropolis.

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When you live in Seoul then Namsan Hanok Village seems a good place to take a break from the busy city life. Don’t forget to visit the nearby Korea house. You can get lunch or dinner in combined with traditional performances.

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