When you ask Koreans ” what climate they have ? “,   they will definitively answer you they have a warm climate and four seasons. In Europe we have also four seasons, and if you live in central Europe you can even have four seasons in one day !

In Korea however they have four distuinguished seasons, like a cold winter from November to March and a wet and humid summer in July and August. Even here Korea is a land of contrasts and extremeties.

My favorite time, and probably the best period to visit Korea, is during the autumn months.
From September to the end of October you can enjoy a beautiful cobalt blue sky and a spectacular foliage created by the maple trees. Naejangsan and Seoraksan, National Parks, are some of my favorite destinations in autumn.

However, another period that I like for traveling Korea is spring. Cherry blossoms start to bloom all over the country and many Koreans and foreigners, start touring to enjoy the beautiful blossom sceneries.

Even though I don`t like winter I do love snowy landscapes.  Covered with snow, the colorful temples look even prettier than normal.

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