Colorful autumn

Autumn season starts normally from half September through November. It  is a welcome relief between a hot and humid summer and a freezing cold winter. Temperatures are quite pleasant until the end of October, but can change drastically in November, sometimes even with snow !


Mild autumn days make this season to the best period to visit Korea and travel around the country.  The mixture of vivid yellow, orange and red autumn leaves under a clear blue sky will offer you countless amazing sceneries, loved by the many photographers (including myself) that you will meet on their way to get their best shot.

Autumn is the favorite season of Koreans to visit parks and temples. Travel agencies offer all kind of trips related to the many “Danpoong namu” (maple tree) festivals organized all over the country. Especially national and provincial parks like Seoraksan, Odaesan, Juwangsan and of course  Naejangsan are favorite destinations to enjoy autumn foliage.


Autumn foliage first comes first to the north of the country than going down to the south.
If you want to be sure to enjoy autumn foliage at its peak you’d better check the website of the Korean Meteorological Administration for updated information.

Autumn is definitely my favorite season to visit Korea and to explore the Korean countryside to see people harvesting rice and vegetables. In autumn the sun and dry air are excellent to  dry vegetables and fruits, like radish leaves, acorn nuts, mushrooms, red pepper, …
And it is time for kimjang kimchi !


To me there is nothing better to enjoy Korean autumn than hiking around in the beautiful parks and mountains, and stop by one of the local people to eat some fresh gam (persimmons) and try their homemade makkeolli (rice wine).

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