Breezy spring

Most of my first trips to Korea were scheduled in spring season, in the second half of March and early April. While doing the first gardening in early spring I got tickled by the early sun, the chilly breeze,  and the passing airplanes high in the blue sky. It made me want to visit to Korea.


However springtime is very sunny and dry, the perceived temperature is colder because of the cold wind coming from China and bringing yellow dust from the Gobi desert.  In the morning you can see people cleaning their yellow covered cars while others wear a mask to protect themselves from the dust.

But you easily forget the cold and chilly wind by looking at all the pretty colors shown by the many trees and plants. Blossoms are blooming all over the country, starting first in the south and arriving finally in Seoul.  Forsysthias are the first to show their yellow color in March, followed by red and purple azaleas, magnolia’s and the white and pinky cherry blossoms in April.


From experience I can tell that half April is probably the best period to attend and enjoy one of the many cherry blossom festivals. Blankets of fleeting pinky cherry blossoms are creating scenic and romantic routes all over the country and will make your stay in Korea unforgetable.

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