Koreans like singing, and even more than anyone else I guess. Looking around in the busy streets and seeing all the signs of the many Noraebang (Karaoke rooms)  you can tell already how much Koreans love music.

And they definitely have music talent. K-Pop is hot in Asia and Psy`s Gangnam Style became a monster succes on Youtube and took the N1 position in the most important charts all over the World. But there`s more than only K-Pop.

Going to Korea for the first time I didn`t know anything about Korean music. I knew that every country has  its own style of music, but I didn`t know that the diversity was so big.  When my Korean master picked me up in the airport and drove me back to his dojang I heard a kind of happy music that was unfamiliar to me. Later on I found out that this kind of happy music is Korean Trot music. It seemed it little bit old fashioned to me but later on I liked it. Now Korean Trot reminds me of my first stay in Korea.

In 2000 I had the chance to see a performance of Didim`s Dance Company in Belgium while they were touring Europe. It was my first contact with Korean traditional music. The performance of the dancers and drummers was so spectacular. I will memorize it forever. In the same year there was a Korean Cultural Festival in Brussels. I took some students to the Museum of National Art to see some performances of Kim Duk Soo`s Samulnori and An Suk Seon, one of Korea`s most famous Pansori singers.

During my next visits in Korea I experienced more Samulnori and drum performances. One of my friends took me to the opening of the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul and we enjoyed a Doodrock drum performance.
I was so impressed by the speed of the drummers and it seemed that the sound of the drums didn`t quit my mind.

My own hapkido master played the mind calming Daegum (bamboo flute) and during my trips to the beautiful temples I came in touch with the spiritual sounds of the temple and its own music.

There are many styles and types of Korean music with all having different characteristics. What I like about Korean music in general is the expression of the soul in the music, the fact that Korean music can express the hear or mind very well.

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