Silleuk-sa (신륵사) is the only riverside temple in Korea,  located about 3 kilometers away from Yeoyu in Kyonggido province.  From southeast Seoul it takes about one hour to get there.
The temple is located near the Namhan river and is very accessible. You don’t need to climb or walk to far from the nearest parking lot.


It is said that Silleuk-sa was built  around 580, during Shilla dynasty, by the famous Buddhist monk Wonhyo. The temple was enlarged and burned down a couple of times .
The whole temple complex is quite small compared to other temples I have seen so far.

The temple possesses some National Treasures, like the two multi-layer pagoda’s, a stone bell and stone lamp, and a woodblock repository. Also a 600 years old Juniper tree will definitely catch your attention.


The pavilion and the pagoda near the river offer you a picturesque view on the Han river.
No wonder couples like to visit this place.

When visiting Silleuk-sa, in August 2012,  there were only a few visitors and it was a good opportunity to take some pictures in new dobok (도복). Some interested Korean scouts followed us and asked us to make a picture with them.


After we left the temple we visited the nearby stores at Yeoyu Ceramics Expo.

For more pictures of  Silleuksa look at : FLICKR.COM/K-MOOD

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